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Services for Anishinabek Nation Building

Nicole provides competent and holistic legal and capacity development support for First Nations and their organizations that are in the process of change management.  Nicole is growing her knowledge in Anishinabek legal traditions and has broad knowledge of Canadian law.  She supports First Nations who are intentionally integrating more of their Anishinabek values and worldview into their ways of doing business.  

Nicole's core values are love, compassion, understanding and support.


Supporting capacity building, growth and healing


  • Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation

  • Teaching 
  • Engagement

  • Organizational coaching

  • Strength-based supports for improved workplace wellness

Legal Services

  • Anishinabek Legal Traditions 

  • Policy Review and Drafting

  • Governance

  • Preventative law / Workplace audits

  • Board training 

  • Employment law 

  • Capacity building  and Support

    • Child Wellbeing​

    • Education

    • Employment and Training

Capacity Building

  • Anishnaabe Law

  • Restorative Practices

  • Indian Act matters

  • Canadian Constitutional Law as it relates to Aboriginal People

  • Topics in integrated wellbeing

  • Indigenous perspectives in education, justice and child wellbeing

First Nation Organizations

Respecting and Integrating Anishnaabe worldview

  • Nicole regularly supports organizations going through structural review by outlining how to develop policies and procedures that reflect their Anishinabe world view

  • Nicole has supported a tribal council seeking to develop and implement programs using a restorative practices and Indigenous legal traditions model

  • Nicole regularly supports educational institutes moving through accreditation processes and development of Indigenous focussed curriculum, supports and governance processes

  • Nicole has a big focus on education, training and employment services.  She works with clients to build capacity, enter into strategic relationships, develop trauma-informed services to clients and implement governance models that are client centred

  • Nicole also advises First Nations who are both responding to the provincial child welfare system and who are asserting jurisdiction over their own child wellbeing systems.  Nicole regularly works with First Nation representatives to provide training and support on Anishinabek child wellbeing principles

Organizations serving First Nations

Connecting with core values and building understanding

  • Nicole supports various education institutes (all levels) looking to meaningfully engage First Nation stakeholders and to implement curriculum, programs and services to improve outcomes from First Nation learners

  • Nicole regularly supports school boards seeking professional and grassroots support in enhancing Indigenous content and supports for Indigenous learners, including during Treaty Recognition Week 

  • Nicole presents on topics including Indigenous perspectives in education, the history of the Indian Act and Indigenous legal traditions.  She presents at to other lawyers as well as to institutions serving First Nations

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