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Nicole has been seeking deeper understanding of her life purpose since she was a young woman. Growing up Anishnaabe, Nicole participated in ceremony that taught her about the interconnections between all things and the power of love to strengthen those connections. She has studied a number of energy healing modalities, including reiki, meditation, hypnosis, and past-life regression, and has been teaching guided meditation since 2015. Nicole continues to learn from leading consciousness thinkers and maintains networks with leading intuitive energy healers across the globe.  Her Anishnaabe worldview, combined with her deepening understanding of the nature of reality and her grounded and pragmatic attitude, help Nicole serve clients in a unique and meaningful way.


As an intuitive healer, Nicole discerns and helps resolve energy blockages. She works primary with women. Women come to Nicole as they begin or advance along their spiritual journey. They are deepening their understanding of their life mission and are looking for ways to integrate their spiritual practices into their daily lives. Sometimes they find themselves stressed, overwhelmed, unsure, unhappy or out of alignment. Nicole works with them to remove blockages in their energy field and to bring in more vital energy.  With renewed energy, they are able to make better choices. They feel stronger and more secure. 


Nicole is compassionate, kind and non-judgmental. Nicole especially enjoys caring for women who have suffered trauma and who are looking for meaning after their loss.



$120 per session

Sessions are one hour long and are conducted over zoom. Nicole will meet with you to discuss your needs. Then, through a series of guided relaxation techniques involving breathing, visualization and imagination, Nicole will identify and help release blockages and connect you with your innate power. Nicole will work with you to understand your strengths and will help you move forward through whatever cross-roads you are facing.


$45 per recording

Contact Nicole to identify your current life challenges and needs.  She will prepare a 20-minuted customized meditation that will be suited to your needs - whether to enhance relaxation or to address emotional challenges such as anxiety or sleeplessness.  You are free to use the recording as often as you need.  


$20 per 4-week session

Join one of Nicole's on-line guided meditation classes and connect with others in a collaborative and supportive format. Classes are 50 minutes, including time for participants to exchange ideas and build relationships.  Meditations are created on the spot to meet the needs of the students and are always different!  No meditation experiences is required.

Next class: Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST, September 22 - October 13

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